You’re one step closer to finding relief.

You may find that you or your child just can’t get the worry out of your head. Or that your mind is racing all of the time about what’s going to happen in the future. Or that your brain automatically goes to the worst case scenario in new situations. Or that you had something happen in the past that just keeps coming back up to get in your way. Your losing sleep. You can’t focus. You feel yourself shutting down.

You and your child are caring, smart, creative, and you’ve worked so hard to find a way out but anxiety is still THE WORST. It robs so much from us and our loved ones. It’s not fair as a parent to watch your child struggle day in and day out. It’s not fair to be stuck in the anxiety cycle yourself and feel like you’re missing out on life.

As an expert in anxiety, both personally and professionally, I know how you feel and I can help you or your child find relief.

Whether you or your child are struggling with anxiety, intrusive thoughts, OCD, worries, panic, relationship difficulties, trauma, self-esteem, or just stress; in our sessions we can find a path towards calm.

You want a space where you or your child can feel comfortable, safe, supported, validated, and empowered. You’ll find me and my therapy space warm, creative, down-to-earth, and culturally sensitive.

We can utilize a variety of approaches depending upon you or your child’s needs including EMDR, CBT, Mindfulness, Play Therapy, Expressive Therapies, Creative Arts, and others.

I offer individual and group services to individual children (8+) teens, and adults.

Finding the right therapist is an important part of the process. I offer a free 20 minute consultation to help determine if we are a good match for therapy.

We’re a great fit if you or your child identifies as:

  • a “worrier”
  • being sick of intrusive or intense thoughts
  • being consumed by thoughts
  • a thinker
  • quiet, shy, or reserved
  • being caught up in your brain a lot of the time
  • wanting a way to “shut your brain off”
  • a survivor of a traumatic experience
  • creative, imaginative, and/or unique
  • humorous or silly

Hi! I’m Kate. My career has focused on supporting children, teens, and adults who struggle with all types of anxiety, panic, OCD, and trauma.

It’s my duty to walk alongside you, support your unique strengths, and shine a light in the darkness. I like to remind clients that you are in the drivers seat, and I’m here to help navigate the journey along the way.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, and Board-Certified Music Therapist. I have extensive training in EMDR, mindfulness, trauma-based approaches, music therapy, expressive therapies, “geek” therapies, and play therapy.

Thrive Creative Therapy

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